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Meet our Staff

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to come in and meet the friendly people at Sydney Mitsubishi where we’re ready to look after all your Mitsubishi needs.

Feel free to contact us by email or give us a call at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Mike Degiobbi
General Manager
You can't sell something that you do not believe or have confidence in. Mitsubishi is a brand of vehicle that gives me that confidence. I can attest to this after being 30 years in the car business. Mitsubishi is BUILT BETTER.BACKED BETTER. ...
Dean Degiobbi
Triple Diamond Certified Sales
Dean has been in the car business for 24 years. Dean worked in service for 16 years. He has been selling cars for 8 years. Dean's 24 years in the car business has been with our team. Stop by 104 Disco Street today to see Dean! ...
Brendon Macdonald
Triple Diamond Certified Sales
Brendon came to us with a great sports background. Brendon spent 3 years with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. Brendon spent 5 years with the Dalhousie Tigers. Brendon also spent 4 years as a Molson Coors Summer Rep. Stop by 104 Disco Street today and welcome Brendon! ...
Kevin MacNamara
Lester Huffman
Service Manager
Les has been in the automotive service for 22 years and is proud to be part of our Mitsubishi team for the last 5 years. Winners of the Mitsubishi Triple Diamond cup, Les and his team make your satisfaction their #1 priority. looking forward to servicing all your service needs no matter what vehicle you drive! ...
Chris Britten
Service Advisor
Chris has been involved in the automotive industry for 4 years. Chris has been part of Sydney Mitsubishi's team for a year and a half.Chris and the team make your satisfaction their #1 priority. Looking forward to servicing your vehicle in the future! ...